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3 Great Reasons We Only Trade FOREX Binary Options


As we approach the one year anniversary of the launch of Binary Signal App, our live 5 and 15-minute trade signal service has grown tremendously in popularity (thanks to our awesome subscribers who profit from our 70% average win rate).

If you are among the many thousands of traders who have subscribed to the live binary option trade signals provided by our app this year, you may be wondering why we only provide signals for 5 and 15-minute FOREX pairs, rather than including popular stocks or commodities as well.

To find out why, keep on reading…

Why FOREX Is The Best Market For Binary Options Trading

With most binary option brokers offering the ability to trade binary options of FOREX, stocks, stock indexes, and even commodities, what made us decide that FOREX was exclusively the “place to be?”

1.) Best Liquidity In The World

One of the most important requirements for successful trading of any market is high liquidity, which provides you with the ability to easily enter and exit positions at any time. When it comes to liquidity, it doesn’t get any better than FOREX!

The most liquid market in the world, FOREX trades currently account for an average daily turnover of approximately 5.3 trillion dollars. That’s a boatload of currency traded every day!  

To put that number in perspective, the US stock market turnover currently averages around 279 billion dollars per day. Even though the US stock market is the largest equities market in the world, the total amount of dollars traded every day is still only about 5% of the FOREX market.

With such massive volume in the FOREX markets, there really is no need to focus on trading binary options of any other type when it comes to liquidity of the underlying instrument.

2.) Corrupt CEOs? No Worries!

I don’t want to knock the stock market because there are obviously great opportunities for equities traders as well. However, one thing I hate about trading stocks is the fact that stock trades are always subject to violent, sudden, and unpredictable movements that can occur because of a single person.

A single person, you say? Yes, I’m talking about the CEO of any company, and his amazingly powerful ability to cause a stock to plummet off the face of the earth if he does something wrong, like getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

If you’re old enough, you may remember names like Enron, Tyco, and WorldCom. At one time, these were dominant and powerful companies that traders and investors never expected to fail.

Yet, corrupt business practices by the actions of one or a handful of people, such as the release of falsified business reports, caused these stocks to plunge off a cliff in the blink of an eye.

How low can a stock go? All the way to zero! These, and many other companies, clearly demonstrate the danger of what is sometimes lurking behind closed corporate doors.

Conversely, FOREX markets are based on the strength of an entire national economy, not a single person, such as the CEO of a company.

While there are always risks of trading in any market, including FOREX, it’s highly unlikely that you will wake up one day to find your FOREX currency pair of a stable country has fallen 50% or more overnight.

Eliminating the possibility of a corrupt CEO wreaking havoc with your trades is one less risk to be concerned about when trading FOREX.

Furthermore, even if one currency goes down significantly, the other currency in the pair goes up. If you’r on the right side of the trade, there is still a fortune to be made in the face of misery.

3.) No Shortage Of Action

Unlike stock markets, which have a fixed daily trading time, the FOREX market never closes during the week (traders do take breaks on the weekends).Forex 24 hours
With 24 hour trading from Sunday night to Friday night, you have limitless flexibility with regard to when you place your binary option trades.

Just as the FOREX market is open all day and night, Binary Signal App also sends subscribers live FOREX binary option trade signals 24 hours a day.

As such, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, nor does it matter what time of day you may work another job; the opportunities for making money trading FOREX binary options are always there.

Trade What You Know

In addition to the three factors above, there is another great reason why we limit our binary option signals to only FOREX.

During the pre-launch testing years of our trade signals, we focused exclusively on just four different FOREX currency pairs, then worked around the clock to tweak and improve the algorithm in order to bump up the long-term win rate.

I have learned through experience in other businesses that it becomes very difficult to provide a top-quality product or service when the dominant focus of that product or service is too diverse.

Instead, maintaining a laser focus only on the specific elements that work best, rather than spreading yourself too thin, is the pathway to success in any business.

It’s no different when trading binary option, as the most successful binary option traders typically drill down and learn to master just a handful of selected instruments to trade.

For us and our subscribers, the winning binary option instrument has always been FOREX.

While we will always strive to squeeze higher win rates out of our binary option signals, we are also extremely careful not to mess with proven success.

If you are not yet had your free trial to our live binary option trade signals that are pushed to your Android smartphone 24 hours a day, click here to download the app and start your free trial today. 

If you have already had a free trial, but are not yet a subscriber, you may receive our signals free by opening a new account with an affiliated broker OR you may subscribe directly for just $50 per month or $300 per year (save 50%).


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