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Binary Signal App For Web: Live Binary Option Signals On PC

Hey there binary option traders!

After months of Beta testing, we are excited to announce that Binary Signal App is now available directly on the web — NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD OR INSTALL!

The new Binary Signal App for web uses the latest HTML5 technology to deliver you the best live binary option trade signals to any modern web browser (PC/Desktop, Safari, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices).

Here’s a screenshot of the new web app on an iPhone with Safari:

Binary Signal App for web looks the same on a PC or Mac (but obviously much larger than an iPhone screen).

Here’s how it looks on a Windows desktop PC:

Binary Signal Web App On PC Desktop

How does it work?

Binary Signal App for web is easy to use and works just like the original Binary Signal App for Android.

When a new binary option trade signal is generated by our proprietary algorithm, the trade will appear as an “Active” trade in your web browser.

All binary trade signals will be FOREX pairs with a 5 or 15-minute expiration time.

As long as the trade remains “Active” status, press the corresponding row to see details of the binary option signal that was generated.

If the trade moves to “Inactive” status, it means the conditions have changed and the trade should not be entered.

Learn more on our FAQ page.

binary signal app for web login screen

Login screen to Binary Signal App for web

Current Subscribers

If you’re already a current subscriber to Binary Signal App for Android, I have excellent news for you!

Your existing subscription already includes access to Binary Signal App for web.

As mentioned above, just login to the web app with the same username and password as your current subscription.

Of course, you may continue using the native Android app if you prefer.

But now you may also receive our winning binary trade signals on any device — mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop (all you need is a web browser).


If you’re not yet a subscriber, simply sign up now for just $29 per month.

If you love a great deal, you can receive a full 6-month subscription for only $89 $174 by subscribing here.

After you sign up, we’ll send you everything you need to know about getting started with the best binary option signals on any device — mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop (all you need is a web browser).

Please send us a secure message if you have any questions OR drop us a comment below.


Matthias @ BinarySignalApp


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