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How To Trade Binary Options Around News & Events


While the trading strategy used to generate our live binary option signals is based on a proven system of technical analysis, many traders also find success by trading binary options around news and current events.

“Trading the news” can indeed be an effective strategy, but it requires a bit of skill because news events create larger than usual price volatility.

Furthermore, FOREX prices frequently in the opposite direction of what you may expect because the price usually factors in news events that were already anticipated and acted upon by hedge funds and other institutional traders, which are known to “buy the rumor, sell the news.”

For these reasons, novice binary option traders may find it difficult to accurately predict the direction of the FOREX markets and should use extreme caution when trading the news.

Even for experienced traders, this binary option strategy can be rather challenging because the movement of assets are unpredictable and can fluctuate greatly after a major news event.

However, higher risk typically creates higher potential reward, which is why trading the news is a popular strategy.

There is no perfect strategy to trading on the news, but this article shares a few solid guidelines to get you started.

If you take the time to understand price patterns and follow a few simple rules, your chances of coming out on top are much greater.

Always set rules and guidelines for yourself and stick with them in every trade because doing so will increase your odds of winning.

Trading on the news is not an easy game, and we still believe that binary option trading signals generated by solid technical analysis is a better overall trading methodology.

Nevertheless, if you willing to work hard by studying patterns and trends of how FOREX pairs react to news events, you may create additional opportunities to consistently make money from binary options.

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