Getting Started - Binary Signals

How to start making money from the best binary options signals

Installation and Setup

You may receive binary signals on any web browser (mobile or desktop) by logging into the Web App with your username and password.

If you have an Android device, you may also receive binary options signals by downloading the Android App.

If you do not yet have an account, press here to subscribe now and receive your login information.

You may also sign up for your one-time, 7-day trial subscription here.

How it works

After logging in to Binary Signal App, you will automatically start receiving our LIVE binary options trade signals as they are generated (24 hours a day), and you will also see our most recent winning trade signals of the day.

You will continue receiving live binary options signals as long as you're logged in to your account. For the Android app, you may easily disable notifications on the "Settings" screen.

Behind the scenes, our robot continuously scans FOREX currency pairs for the best possible odds of a quick and profitable binary options trade. On average, expect an overall win rate of approximately 71%.

When technical conditions are ideal, we send you instant notification of a potential trade alert to your Android device.

When a new binary signal is received, be sure to press the alert notification to view important details for how to trade the signal with your broker.

Presently, Binary Signal App generates both 5 and 15-minute binary options signals.

A green up arrow signals the price is expected to rise (buy a "call,"). A red down arrow means the price is expected to fall (buy a "put").

Binary options signals are delivered 24 hours a day, from 5:00 PM Sunday until 5:00 PM Friday (New York time). On average, you can expect to receive approximately 25 to 35 trade signals per day (slowest period for binary signals is during the first few hours of the US market open each morning).

Making a binary option trade with your broker

One absolutely crucial thing you need to do is watch our very important YouTube video that clearly explains the proper way to set up your broker trading platform to work with Binary Signal App. DO NOT miss this video because following the steps discussed in the video will be the key to profiting from your binary options trading.

After receiving a new alert from Binary Signal App, you need to separately log into your binary options brokerage account (either via web browser or separate mobile app).

Next, simply select the FOREX currency pair that matches the trade signal and expiration time frame (5 or 15 minutes), decide how much money you wish to risk, then buy a call or put.

If the trade is a winner, it will show up under our most recent winning trade section of the app, and you will also instantly receive a pay out from your brokerage firm (payout amount is dependent on your broker).

In order to profit from our binary options signals, you must have a compatible broker that offers both 5 and 15-minute FOREX trades.

Click here to see our recommended brokers that are compatible with Binary Signal App.

NOTE: If you open a new qualifying account with one of our recommended brokers (using the link above), you will receive a FREE subscription to Binary Signal App after the trial period ends because the broker will cover the cost for you.

Active vs. Not Active Signals

If a live trade signal is received below the "Signals - Active" section of the app, it means both the time and price are still within the proper range for placing an order with your broker.

When a signal moves to "Signals - Not Active," it means either the price or too much time has passed in order to place a new order for that trade signal. However, depending on the volatility of the FOREX market that day, a signal that is not active may sometimes move back to the active signals section (15-minute trade signals only).

If that happens, it means it is still okay to place that order with your broker (just remember to click on the signal to see all the expanded trade details).

Any Other Questions?

If you have any questions on how to use our signal service or the Android app, please check our FAQ page first. If your question is still unanswered, just drop an email to